Wednesday, September 15, 2010

May I Please?

That is, may I please have approximately 24 hours additionally per day?  That is about what it will take me to get everything finished that is on my very extensive list.  For the next month.  Some of the highlights?

  • We need to finish going through our belongings.  By tomorrow.  We're having a moving sale Friday and Saturday.  I haven't even touched the attic yet.  Or the boys clothes.  (E.T.A. I'm not that crazy.  We're postponing this sale for a week.  Because I am so not prepared for it.)
  • The rest of our house needs to be packed.  And quite possibly moved to our new house incrementally until the end of the month.
  • I need to find Wednesday child care (in a very small town where I literally know NOBODY; not one person) for my children for this semester while Chris has a night class.  And day classes.  DONE!
  • I need to find a new pediatrician for my children.  And a new vet for my dogs.  Preferably one that does grooming so I don't need to find a groomer too.  And a new grocery store, since there isn't one in my new town.
  • The boys must be withdrawn from their current schools.  And the mountain of paperwork (x2) must be filled out for their new school. DONE!
  • New school supplies must be purchased.  I love me some school supplies, but this is getting ridiculous.
  • I need to figure out telephone/cable/internet service at our new house.  (Telephone?  Internet?  Done!)  While this shouldn't be difficult, keep in mind that it's not exactly *ahem* in an urban area. . . Needless to say I can kiss my fabulous AT&T U-Verse service goodbye.
  • I need to figure out window treatments.  For my 23 new windows that currently have nothing on them but glass.  At the very least, we need something preliminary for the bedrooms.  The rest of the rooms I'm not super stressed about.  Yet.
  • Oh, and the normal work, school, etc. will clearly be mixed in with this list.  
Although it's a daunting list and we won't settle down until, realistically, probably Christmas we're so excited to get into our new house!!


Kim said...

Well, at least you have an organized "to do" list, right? Phew, maybe it's a good thing to have only 24 hrs., otherwise more stuff might get packed in :).

Melanie said...

Hang in there, it always seems so overwhelming and somehow it always gets accomplished! I can't believe you guys are moving. What an exciting adventure for the Simpson clan!!! I'm mailing out invitations for Jenna's b-day as soon as I get them in the mail this week...know you're really busy, but we'd love to see you all. And it's bowling (yes, we've come to bowling). Miss you so much...take care of yourself & hand in there.

P.S. My front door has been that color for almost a year and I have a true "love/hate" relationship with it. Some days I think it's fabulous and oh-so-daring and other days I'm like "what was I thinking." Now I'm just too tired to paint over it (too many other things to paint)!

Angela said...

Congratulations on the new home! I would agree with Kim, at least you have a list! Good luck tackling that! You may need to start delegating now.


If anyone can do it, you can! What about I have 12 apps on my phone for Task and TO DO list. HA! XO KJ