Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Weekend Roundup

We had a very busy weekend.  Saturday Chris met a contractor at the new house to get some estimates.  While he was there, David did this.
After that, we did this:

Then we did this:

Then we came home and Jack took a nap, I packed, and David and Henry did this:

A cardboard box is the best invention ever.  On this excursion, it was an airplane.  Clearly.  Why else would Henry be wearing swimming goggles while he was "flying"?

Sunday I took zero photos, other than those in the previous post of all of the treats we got while running all over creation (in the really nice parts of Nashville, by the way *said with a huge amount of sarcasm*) to pick up our Craigslist finds. 

Yesterday was our furniture extravaganza.  Here's some of what we got:

We spent under $500.  Significantly under $500.  We also got a china cabinet-ish piece for the breakfast room and a drop leaf table for our dining room and will be *hopefully* picking up some chairs this afternoon to go with.  I. am. so. excited.

My children?  So exhausted.  They spent the night with Chris' parents Sunday night, after playing all afternoon and no naps.  His parents live on a farm about an hour from here, and there is a lot of fun boy stuff to do, like play in a huge dirt pile, ride the golf cart and four wheeler, play in the treehouse, and run around in a field for the whole afternoon.  You can imagine the ride home.  It looked like this:

I hope you had a great weekend!  This is a short work week for me.  I leave Thursday morning to fly to Massachusetts for a long weekend to go to a wedding.  I start to itch when I think about everything I'll have to do when I get back, but I know I'll have fun!

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love the goggles in the box!!!!! love craigslist!!! cant wait to see the house!!!