Saturday, September 4, 2010

Packing, Working, Packing, Sleeping, Repeat

Happy Holiday Weekend!  No, I haven't become an alcoholic.  Those are the boxes in our dining room that have been packed. . . 

This house process has been moving forward at lightning speed fast tracked, to say the least.  Our appraisal should be done mid-week this coming week, and we are set to close on September 17th.  Two weeks before our contracted closing date.  Twenty-Six days after we looked at the house.  We will do some cleaning and small repairs to the new house before we move out of the current house, which will probably take place at the end of September.  I will need to secure child care for Jack (already think this is taken care of, and a deposit will be made this upcoming week), get everything set with the boys to withdraw them from their current schools and enroll them in their new schools, and do some research on a pediatrician.  While we're really not moving that far, it's too far to keep our current pediatrician.  Which makes me sad, because we love her.  I need to get the utilities set up for service to begin at our new house and to be turned off at our current house (and to pray that it doesn't happen at either location before the date it is supposed to.  And that it does happen at both locations the day it should. . . I'm probably going to get better results if I pray for a miracle.)

Chris is meeting a contractor at the new house this morning to discuss a quote on pricing for some big repairs so we know what kind of money we're looking at.  We do still have time to back out of our contract.  I don't anticipate that happening - just want to know what sort of scary money we're looking at to do some exterior work.

I'm bringing J&H to my mom this morning to play while I take D to the eye doctor.  He said his "seeing technique isn't working so well."  And squints and makes this c.r.a.z.y. face with his eyes.  CONSTANTLY.  If there's nothing wrong with his seeing technique, I'm going to start slapping the back of his head each time he does that weird face because it makes me mental.  He said if he needs glasses he wants to get red ones.  Chris said no.  That made me mental too.  I think if he wants red (his favorite color) and he's going to wear them, he should have whatever glasses he wants.  

We'll be out the door early, check out a few yard sales, drop the boys at Gigi's, head to the eye doctor, run a few errands, come home for nap and lunch, then get packing, organizing, sorting, etc.  Tomorrow we're going to a little lunch swimming party, then Monday going to look at some furniture before an estate sale.  I'm very, very excited about that.  

This little beauty has kept us on our toes lately.  With antics like this. . . 

He is in the living room right now screaming, "I'M BATMAN!  I HAVE A GUN!"  There's certainly never a dull moment with him.  

I'll leave you with a photo of one of my favorite parts of the new kitchen:  the view!  Not the back of someone else's house.  Not a privacy fence.  Just our nice backyard.

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