Sunday, September 19, 2010

Slowly but Surely

We're slowly but surely getting things moved to the new house.  We closed on Tuesday and went down several times this week.  We spent the majority of the weekend there, getting as much done as possible.  Shall we take a tour?

In the breakfast room we've hung curtains and moved in a hutch.  I may paint this hutch down the road, but for now this is the current state and finish.

In the kitchen we've hung curtains that match the breakfast room and started unpacking and washing dishes.  A lot of dishes.  (Forgive the lighting. . . these were taken with my phone.)

It is nearly impossible for us to get things accomplished while the kids are there.  It's very difficult.  We started setting up their playroom a bit to give them something to do while we're there.

Looks nice, right?  They've started settling in nicely. . . as has Thomas.

We've hung some bamboo blinds in the living room.  And put down an area rug.  
And have placed some nice folding chairs. . . 

We hung some more blinds in our room.  And made a pile of pillows.

We've moved our buffet and a small china cabinet into the dining room and I've started unpacking some of our china.  I love china and glassware, and I've got a lot.  I love it, but hate packing, unpacking, washing, and putting it away.

We put some area rugs in the hallway. . . And some boxes.  This will be our little office space.  

The boys' room essentially has nothing in it, except headboards.

Oddly, the guest room is the most organized.  And will see the least use.  

It's going to be quite a process, but we're SO excited about it, and it's coming along nicely.  I'm going to spend a lot of time this week packing up things in our current house.  And may scrap the yard sale and just try to sell some things on craigslist instead, and give the rest to Goodwill.  I just don't have the patience for a yard sale right now.  Or the time to have one.


Nicole said...

Kim I love the cabinets in the kitchen. Congrats again. I know you guys will enjoy it.

Ashley said...

Beautiful house with so much character! Thanks for visiting my blog! What's crazy is that I live in Rutherford County, TN as well! I absolutely love it!