Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Don't Call Social Services!

Had I been home today, my children would have been beaten. I got a phone call from my husband while I was at work. That NEVER happens. It's not an issue if he calls, but he doesn't. I missed the call, so I called him right back. I could tell he had had enough. Henry was being particularly ugly today. He was pissed and picked up a chair. And. Threw. It. What?! That child is a barroom brawl in the making. He then was mad at Chris for something so he stood on the couch. And peed. All over the couch. Yikes. I'm positive Chris was very pleased when the babysitter got there.

Then I got a call from the babysitter as I was driving home. (Just to put things in perspective, I work about 45 minutes from home, and I could still see my office from my car.) The following is the conversation that ensued:

Kayla: Kim, I'm so sorry to call you.
Kim: That's OK! What's up?
Kayla: Is there a key to Jack's room?
Kim: Um, what?
Kayla: (Sounding a bit more frantic this time) Is there a key to Jack's room?
Kim: I don't think so. What's wrong?
Kayla: David locked Jack in his bedroom so he wouldn't bother David. I can't get him out!
Kim: Um, oh my God! You can use a screwdriver and try to open it.
Kayla: I already did! Jack's screaming!
Kim: I'M GOING TO BEAT DAVID! Send one of the boys in to wake Chris up.

Chris got the door unlocked. With. The. Key. I didn't even know we had one.

Any ideas on an appropriate punishment?! I've never had to punish him really, other than time outs. And I don't really beat my children, although the thought has crossed my mind. A lot.


Jody Ann said...

HAve you tried the "santa is watching strategy? I would at least take away his favorite thing, weither it be TV, computer a toy. It WILL make your life a living hell but has to be done. The other thing you can do is cinfine him to his room for a FULL day. He eats in there and everything, and make it boring, like pb & j. Consider it in-house suspension. It seems cruel but they need to know there are consequences to thier actions and that you WILL follow through w/ them. You can do it!

Julie said...

Lock David in Jack's room...or just beat him! What a nightmare day...I bet you were happy you were at work!

Briana said...

Oh no David! (Have you read that book?)

This time of year, I love to pick up the phone and dial my mother (but tell the boys it's Santa.) And proceed to tell him all about the bad things the boys have been doing and say things like, "OH, you're going to give them jsut one more chance? Okay, Santa I'll let them know that you've been watching and didn't like what you just saw. They totally fall for it. Other times of year I use the Easter Bunny and other times I just plain pull my hair out.