Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tuesday Twelve - The Photo Edition

1. We've been having a great time so far. Well, most of us. Henry keeps asking, "When are we going to just go home?
2. Jack is sleeping in the Pack & Play. In the closet in our room. He can't be where he can see someone else, so the closet was the best (read: better than the laundry room) option.
3. Henry had his hand on the elevator door today when it opened. He didn't take it off. His fingers got wedged in between the door of the elevator and the door frame. I hope to never hear the scream that came from his body again. He's fine -- swollen fingers, bruised pride. I hope this doesn't effect his future career of choice, which is "elevator man".
4. Jack is probably the happiest baby on the planet.5. David, playing with the Legos at Downtown Disney. "Disney Town" as Henry calls it.
6. D&H riding the train at Downtown Disney. This was their activity of choice two years ago when I was here with Julie, and it's no different this year.
7. Aargh! Pirate David at The Pirates House for dinner.

8. Pirate Henry!

9. Watching a big ship go by in Savannah.
10. Mobile potty break. Note he is still wearing his headphones so he doesn't miss a minute of his movie!

11. Happy Jack on the ride from Savannah to Orlando.

12. Clearly my children. Reading their magazines in the van.


Julie said...

Poor Henry! I am glad his fingers are ok! By far, number 10 is my favortie!

Gigi said...

I love the pictures ... I miss the crazy boys ... you guys too.

Briana said...

Hope you all continue to have a great time! Looking at them reading in the car makes me a little qeasy though (I cannot do that!) And I'm jealous about Downtown Disney! I love that store, Once Upon a Toy! The last time I was there (for work) I brought each of the boys a box full of Mr. Potato head parts, huge hit!

News Readin' Wife said...