Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Tuesday Ten

Yes, a Tuesday Ten. I only have ten today!

1. Would I be crazy to have all of my children share a room? I'm a big proponent of shared rooms. Even though I didn't share one until I went away to school, which is probably a good thing. Do you know my sister and me? Let's just say one of us would have been an only child had we shared a room. . . However, my own children (so far) share nicely. They will share a room until they ask not to. I am contemplating moving Jack into D&H's room with them and making Jack's room a playroom. That was how we had it before Jack was born, and I miss the contained mess. They would be sleeping dorm style!

2. Um, the wrapping? Still hasn't happened. I got all of the stuff out, realized I had no boxes or tissue paper, and put it all away. Where the hell are Santa's elves when I need them?

3. All I want for Christmas is David to sleep past 4:45. He wakes up, has to pee, and thinks that means that it's time to be up. For the day. He doesn't nap, so you do the math and figure out when that makes him turn into Satan's spawn because he's so tired. Right around 4:45 PM. Um, who goes to bed before six o'clock? My child. It's a vicious cycle.

4. D&H had their Christmas program at school last week. Which they were almost late for, because they had to be there less than 15 minutes after I got home from work. Supernanny had them dressed, coats on, ready to go, thank God. I was literally walking them up to the stage (while their classes were already there) in my work clothes and coat. Nice. David stood in the top row and Henry was in the middle row right in front of David. David vacillated between "participating" with his mouth clamped firmly shut while his arms were crossed and sticking his fingers in his ears when people clapped. Henry sang every song, did every dance move, and had a big smile. It was hysterical. I have some poor photos I'm going to upload later.

5. Should I be knocking on wood because Jack is not interested in the Christmas tree at all? I've literally had more issues with David pulling stuff off than Jack.

6. We went to two birthday parties over the weekend. At the second were our friends with their 4 week old baby. While the boys were eating cake, I gave Jack his bottle in the stroller and fed baby Joel. Jack was NOT happy. He kept pulling on Joel's pants and trying to take him. It was funny to see him like that.

7. Speaking of Jack, I don't think he's ever going to walk. Why should he, when someone can carry him? If he's standing holding my hands and I let go, he stands there for a second and then instantly sits down and starts clapping.

8. Why does December go by so quickly and so busily?! We have had two things to do every weekend since November, and continue to do so until January.

9. Chris, the boys, and I are all off for the last two weeks of December. I'm excited for us to be able to do some fun things together and also get some things done around the house. I asked them what they wanted to do when they were off from school and David said he wanted to go to Toots (which he's obsessed with and has never been there) and get two fluffy white dogs with red leashes. Um, he'll have to be OK with only accomplishing half of his list.

10. WTH is up with Henry wanting to wipe his own bum? Thanks, but no thanks. As much as I can't wait until I don't have to be the designated bum wiper, the mess that comes with him doing it himself is so gross.


Briana said...

You crack me up!

Kelly said...

Have I told you lately how much I love reading your blog? It always makes me laugh!

Jody Ann said...

I am a friend of Kristen Meunier's. She told me about your blog because she knew I would get a kick out of it and I always do. I too am a Yankee at heart and a southerner in my soul. We live in MA but own property in Burke County NC. I use this and the blueridgeblog to get my southern fix.