Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Happiest Place on Earth

For the Happiest Place on Earth, I sure have seen a lot of crying children!! And some fine examples of parenting. Not that I'm the pillar of parenting expertise or perfection, but I'm pretty sure that smoking a cigarette in my child's face while screaming at her telling her to stop her "pissing and bitching because we're here to HAVE FUN, DAMNIT!" isn't the best choice. At 8:30 at night. And the child was probably two years old and obviously exhausted. And this was in the parking lot as they were about to enter Downtown Disney. Enter, not leave. Let's just say there are LOTS of people watching opportunities in Orlando.

We didn't even leave our resort yesterday, until it was time for dinner! We asked the boys yesterday morning what they wanted to do, and they both said go to the playground. So we did!
After playing at the playground, we took a boat across the lake and did some exploring. We played at the activities center for a bit, had an ice cream, walked around, then decided to rent a bicycle built for four! Jack was too little for a ride, so Chris started, rode back to our condo where I met them, then I rode around for a bit with the boys. I seriously want one of these bikes! It was SO fun.

After our bike ride, we all took a nap. That is so rare! Then we went to dinner, where Jack played several rounds of Peek-A-Boo.

We then went to Downtown Disney. David and Henry are obsessed. We rode the carousel - it was Jack's first time! We may head to the beach today. . . we have no plans!


Christina said...

Looks like you guys are having a great time. Where are you staying? It is amazing the ummmm lovely people you see there.

Julie said...

Ummm...who is that 10 year old boy in that picture with the strange girl on the carousel???!!! David looks freaking huge and like a man!

Kim said...

He seriously does look like a ten year old!!! Especially sitting with GIRLS!

Christina, we're staying at a Marriott resort -- it's beautiful!

candiceschenk said...

How fun!! I'm so glad you guys are having a great time!!!