Sunday, June 6, 2010

Birthday Weekend, Part One

I'm a huge, huge fan of birthdays.  Especially mine.  It's the only day of the year that is just for you.  Except mine, since I share it with my grandfather.  However, you know what I mean.  Chris took the boys shopping on Friday to pick whatever they wanted to buy me for a birthday gift.  They were creative!
Henry picked a candle, after much deliberation.  Henry is a very thoughtful decision maker.  He's not one to make a snap decision.  He likes to think about it.  A. Lot. Chris said that he really wanted to buy me a shirt.  Chris talked him out of that, and he then decided on a candle.  A huge, orange, stinky candle.  He (thankfully!) changed his mind and got me a small "vanilla cupcake" candle that he decided is for my office.  I think that's a fabulous idea, and will be bringing it to work with me on Monday.  He also made me the adorable card in the picture, and I am framing the part that is a drawing of Henry and me holding hands.  He loves to make cards for people, and he does a really sweet job.

David had decided early in the week what he would be getting for me.  Lipstick.  He wanted to get three of them, in the same shade, because "Mama wears a lot of lipstick".  (PS. I totally don't.)  He selected Revlon "Ravish Me Red".  It's a bit of a hooker red.  Thankfully Chris kept the receipt.  Let's just say that's not exactly my color.

Chris got my some really pretty flowers, a yummy chocolate fudge cake, and some cupcakes for the boys.  Batman cupcakes.

David, Jack, and I went to the first Murfreesboro Main Street Market.  (I think they have the cutest logo!)  We got there two hours after it opened, and the selection was very, very small.  However, it was the first day they've done it and we got there late.  We'll definitely try again.  I love the Murfreesboro square and like supporting local businesses, so we'll keep trying the Murfreesboro Market.  David was disappointed that he didn't get any fruit, but he was happy to just explore.  And Jack was happy to ride in the stroller and people watch.

In the afternoon after Jack's nap, we brought the boys to my parents' house for a sleepover.  Jack was so excited to "sleep Gigi's HOUSE!"  We went to dinner after we dropped them off, then headed to Arrington Vineyards.

I LOVED it there!  How have I not been there before?  Next time I want to do a wine tasting, but there was a two hour wait for it, so we just picked something.

We had the Raspberry 08 dessert wine and raspberry chocolate truffles.  Oh. My. Goodness.  DELICIOUS.  Chris is hooked and wants to be a wine drinker now.

Today?  Birthday weekend, Part two - a celebration at my parents' house with a cookout and swimming.

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I am so glad you went to Arrington. I love it there!!! It is beautiful. Happy Birthday!!! XO KJ