Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Kashi Roll

We tried a new Kashi product this week.  (New to us - I don't know if it's new to Kashi's line of products.) It's the Roll! Protein and Fiber Bar.

The Kashi website describes the product this way:

This deliciously unique snack bar has a chewy nougat center that is surrounded by a decadent layer and then rolled in whole grains, nuts, and crisps. 
The GOLEAN® Roll! is specifically designed for an Optimized Glycemic Response with slow release carbohydrates to help balance your blood sugar, and protein and fiber to help you stay satisfied.
A chocolate center is surrounded by smooth caramel and rolled in toasted pecans, crisps, and whole grains.

Do not eat this product if you wear dentures.  I'm serious.  I don't wear dentures and I was concerned that my teeth would pull out of my head.  This is a hard core nougat center.  "Chewy" is a bit misleading.  The taste is great - I loved the crispy bits the bar is rolled in, and the center has a nice taste.  Once you finally get to it.  This is a seriously sturdy roll.  I think it could have been crafted to be a bit easier to chew, but the flavor is good.  I don't know if we'll buy these again, however we will continue to buy other Kashi products.  I'm typically a huge fan of their foods.  This Roll! however left me in fear that my teeth would be rolling across the floor!!

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