Sunday, June 20, 2010

Design Star

OK, not really.  I do love that show though.  I always have great visions in my head for things to do to our house.  They always fall short.  I've taken on recovering my dining chairs and the bench in our kitchen.  This, my friends, is within my ability levels.  I may even throw in a valance for the kitchen for good measure.  In the dining room we have a striped fabric now.  It's cute, but I'm over it.  Our walls are a khaki color and I like my drapes and don't want to change those.  I found this fabric deeply discounted (think 80% off) at Joann's this weekend and I l.o.v.e it.
It looks great with the dark wood of our dining furniture, compliments the walls, and coordinates with our drapes.  I love it so much that I'm carrying it into our kitchen as well.  Our kitchen walls are yellow.  Bicycle Yellow, to be exact.  
I'm sort of over the yellow kitchen, but it's staying.  Chris has pulled down the "trim" that was on the tops of our cabinets and is building the cabinets up to the ceiling.  We'll then add a thick moulding around the tops to make it look more like a piece of furniture.  The biggest change will be that we're going to paint our cabinets an off-white color.  They're the builder brown right now and I. Hate. Them.  We'll change the pulls as well and probably replace the light fixtures.  All in baby steps.  

I have one chair covered.  They're really easy to do, I just don't feel like doing them all at once.  Mostly because by the end of the day when I have the time to do them, I'm tired!!  I'll post before and after photos soon.

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dacar said...

Love the fabric...please post pictures as you get them....I'm in the process of recovering my outdoor cushions...believe it or not, it's not been too hard