Monday, August 11, 2008


  • I saw a sign today, "All brick home for sale. Newly remolded!" Um, remolded? I thought it was just a mistake. Until I saw the same sign three more times.
  • We're trying to be proactive and explore some childcare options, as that will probably be a reality for us in the not so distant future. There are some SCARY people out there wanting to watch children. I've posted a couple of adds seeking a full-time nanny and I would say I've gotten probably two or three people, out of like 10 or 12, that are even a consideration for an interview. I'm so hopeful that one of the daughters of David's teacher will be interested. If anyone in my area knows of someone wonderful you can recommend to me, please do!!
  • Chris got a hammock for his birthday -- the kind on the stand. It's in our garage right now, and the boys are obsessed with it. Guess who flipped it first and got dumped on the floor? You guessed it, Henry. He laughed.
  • I didn't laugh when David and Henry poured a five pound bag of flour and a full container of oats on the garage floor today. Then started rolling peaches in it "making snowballs". Thank God for the shop vac. I seriously need to remember to lock that garage door.
  • Chris and I went to look at ITT Tech for him this weekend, and we were both VERY impressed with the school here in Nashville. I admit I had very, very low expectations, and we were both very pleasantly surprised. He's very excited about the possibility of going to school. There could be some big changes around here soon!


Briana said...

Yes, there are scary people out there wanting to do child care. I had one show up at my door (after a great phone interview) for a face to face interview and to meet the kids. I wanted to shut the door immediately after I opened it! Good luck, it's so hard to find good care!

Gunner said...

I saw the same 'remolded' sign at the Nissan drive/Jefferson pike intersection. I had to read it several times also to figure it out.

nicole said...

Joe and I saw the same sign the other day. Too funny.