Sunday, August 31, 2008

Week in Review. . . Part 2

Did you enjoy Henry's post below? He and David were in bed, I went to Jack's room to get him back to sleep, and I came out to that post! I'm probably lucky Henry didn't delete the whole blog!
So for the first week of me working, it went really, really well. However, it wasn't really an accurate picture of what the week will normally be like, as Chris was on vacation and school hadn't started yet. This week will be more realistic. I'm sure it will be fine. I'm really enjoying my job, and I know the boys are really enjoying lots of time alone with their daddy. And Chris has been extremely helpful while I've been at work, doing some laundry, making sure the house stays cleaned up, etc. I hope that continues!!

What else happened this week. . . I'm not even going to go there with the van situation. That's already been covered. Jack started to stand up in his crib.

He's also crawling (fast) all over the place. This is really more like hurling himself forward, because he's still doing the "Army crawl". David never crawled on his hands and knees, so this doesn't really surprise me. He's working on another tooth, eating Cheerios like it's his job, holding his hands out for someone to pick him up, and trying to eat all of the table food he sees. And he is SO in love with Chris. If he hears Chris' voice, sees him, even thinks Chris might be around, he is craning his neck to find him. His preference is definitely for Daddy right now!

David and Henry had a good week. There was minimal crying when I would leave in the morning. Each day got a little better. We went swimming a couple of times this week, for several bike rides, played outside in the rain, went to the Discovery Center, did lots of puzzles, played in the backyard in the baby pool, played lots of freeze tag, and gave the swingset a workout. We had a great week.

School starts on Tuesday. YAHOO! I will definitely need to be more organized about getting their things ready the night before, lunches packed, etc., as Chris will be bringing them to school in the morning. I know how difficult it can be to get all three out the door sometimes, so I'll try to make it as easy as possible for him!

Today we're going to Gigi and Grampy's for a birthday party for Vanessa. I'm sure there will be photos to come. Have a great day!

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