Thursday, August 28, 2008


We had orientation yesterday at D&H's school to find out who their teachers will be and what days they'll have school. I'm so glad they're Tuesday-Thursday, because I'm don't work on Monday and would have been disappointed if I was off and they were in school. David has his same teachers as last year, and I think that will be good. He didn't really understand that he may have different teachers this year, and he's sometimes a bit unpredictable with a change like that. He was, surprisingly, shy when we first got there. I'm thinking that was because it was a HUGE group of parents and children, because he normally acts like he owns the place.

Henry was SO shy. He hid behind my legs for a good 15 minutes. When I brought him into his room to meet his teachers he wouldn't even look at them! Ms. Rhonda said, "Can I at least see your face?" He looked at her and said, "Look! I'm miling (smiling) at you!" At dinner tonight we were talking about school starting and I asked him if he was going to be shy on his first day and he told me he "got all the shy out today". I warned them the shy behavior is very out of character and that we call him Hurricane Henry -- they need a warning with that child!!

I'm excited for them to start, and I know they are too. I could hear David before we left telling Henry all about school and what he'll do there. It was so cute!

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Kelly said...

How exciting!! I love that Henry got all the shy out at the orientation. Too cute!