Sunday, August 24, 2008

Wonderful Weekend!

We had such a nice weekend. Why? We didn't do anything special -- everyone was so well behaved, very fun to be around, minimal fighting, the house stayed clean, both big boys earned all of their good behavior stickers each day, and the weather was great. It was a fabulous Simpson weekend.

Yesterday I had wedding cakes to do. I spent the morning playing with the boys, folding laundry, hanging out with Christopher, and loving on Jack. After I set the cakes up, we went to my dad's store to pick up his extra car to use until our new car comes in. Last night Chris and I watched a movie. We've been trying to have a date night at home every Saturday night, and it's been really nice to do. And I've watched a bunch of movies that I hadn't seen! With his crazy shift at work, sometimes it feels like we never get to see each other, so I'm really glad we're making a point to do this.

Today Chris helped me finish a cake I did for this afternoon. He made a bunch of fondant stuff for me, because he's MUCH better at the sculpting portion of it than I am. He wasn't feeling well today (he has this cold that EVERYONE I know has) so he went to bed early. I played outside with the boys for a little while, had a picnic, and we delivered my cake. Then I brought them to my in-laws' house for the afternoon. They live on a "farm" (not a working farm) and the boys LOVE it there. We all do. We had a really fun afternoon with them. David (my father-in-law) ran the big boys all around, played outside with them, and just generally let them do whatever they wanted. Sheila and I stayed in chatting pretty much the whole time, which I love to do with her. I'm so lucky to have the in-laws that I do!

While we were there, Jack remembered that he can sit up by himself, which he had forgotten for about a week. That's all he wants to do now. I put him to bed, and clearly he wasn't ready to go. This is what I saw when I went into his room after he cried for a bit. Pitiful! I'm going to fold some laundry and make our menu for the week. I need to go to the grocery store tomorrow, and it's always more pleasant when things are well planned out. Have a great night!

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Briana said...

Glad you got yto a weekend with minimal fighting from the boys. Can they call my boys and tell them how to do that?