Thursday, August 21, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

1. We went to a county fair on Saturday. Once we got there, we discovered David had a fever. We were there for an hour and spent $60 for admission, two pony rides, one container of popcorn, a large lemonade, two corn dogs, three Ferris wheel rides, two games, and two trips through a fun house. 2. After the trip to the fair, we stopped to get some Tylenol for David. When we got home, Gigi came over to stay with the boys while Chris and I went shopping for a new car. I like this so Chris will be ordering one soon at work. We're waiting to see if there's a discount list . . . you know I love a bargain!

3. I start working on Tuesday!

4. I've posted on my website that I'm not doing anymore cakes. . . yet I've taken three more orders since I've posted that. Clearly I'm having an issue saying "NO".

5. I bought this for Jack the other day at Target. I had a coupon and figured we'd give it a try.
When I cooked some, this is what it looked like.

It looked like it had worms in it. Chris and I wanted to barf. Jack would have licked it out of the bowl if I let him. It was SO disgusting. It smelled hideous. I'm glad he likes it, but I don't know if I can bring myself to cook it again it was so gross!

6. Jack's using a cup sometimes now. He's pretty good at it!

7. We have preschool orientation next week to find out who the boys have for teachers. They both think they'll have Mrs. Frankie and Mrs. Sheila. . . they definitely won't both have them, so I'm sure someone is going to be upset!

8. I was getting dressed yesterday and Henry was in our room playing with a disposable camera that's like 5 years old and we've never developed it. He kept pointing it at me and telling me to say cheese. Then he said, "Mama, want me to take a nice booby picture of you?" Um, no thank you little Mr. Pornographer.

9. David came to the grocery store with me this morning. On they way out we passed a family with seven children. He was talking about how they had a lot of kids, etc. In the car he said, "Mama, do you hear that?" I said no and he cupped his hand near his ear and said, "Hear that? I hear another baby in your belly!" I don't think so!

10. Jack does this about 986765 times per day now and gets SO mad when he does.

11. I put Jack in his crib in his diaper the other night after his bath, while I put David and Henry to bed. He was probably in there for 5 minutes. This is what I returned to. He managed to somehow remove his diaper, spit up, and pee. Ugh. I see him following closely on Hurricane Henry's heels. What shall I call him? Tropical storm Jack?
12. This just doesn't even need a description.

13. I have no idea why this layout got so screwed up. Anyway, here's David making Jack kick his own butt. . .


Stephanie said...

Okay, those pics of those boys are great! So cute!
That food on the other hand...yuck!
Glad Jack liked it! I had something that I couldn't stand the smell of when my kids were I think it was peaches...weird!

Love all the pictures and video you fancy Mama you!
Miss you guys...

Briana said...

Oh my! Jack, you're Houdini with that diaper madness! How funny!

Carol VR said...

What exactly was that in the bowl.... gross!!!

Etiquettely Correct said...

Your boys are beautiful!

Kelly said...

I love love love that pic of all 3 boys!! So sweet :-)

Yes, that food is yucky! I got some at Sprouts awhile back. Never bought it again! I guess it proves our boys will eat anything! lol

Ang said...

hope you enjoy working.......and we love your cakes!! I still remember the thomas you did for TY!!