Friday, November 7, 2008

Five for Friday

Let's lighten things up around here. . . although I do love me some dramz!

1. Henry has had some *ahem* issues lately. His doctor has put him on a daily does of Miralax. Indefinitely. That stuff is no joke. . . his issue has been resolved. BIG TIME.

2. I'm listening to/watching Crossroads on CMT right now. It's Def Leppard and Taylor Swift. Bet you didn't know I have a secret Def Leppard love, did you? And, for the record, I'm LOVING Taylor's dress.

3. David, Henry, and Chris all fell asleep tonight in the living room, scattered about like drunks after a party. All of them were asleep before 7:15.

4. Chris is turning into Super Dad. While I was at work today, he brought all three boys to The Discovery Center by himself. And didn't turn the van around and leave when he saw two bus loads of children unloading. And stayed for three hours. Then brought them to lunch after! Chris has always been a very active parent, and we truly do split most of the responsibilities around here 50-50. However, I am so proud of how he has just stepped right in when needed since I've gone back to work, and he's been so helpful. We're very lucky to have him.

5. Did I tell you already that David told his teachers the other day during circle time, "Uh, Ms. F., Ms. S.? All this circle time stuff? When you do all that talking and stuff? It makes me bored with all that talking."? It scares me how much that boy's personality is like mine. I pray that he develops more of Christopher's traits!!! And I'm SO proud of his writing lately. He's doing a fabulous job with his letters. This is a huge accomplishment for a child with apraxia of speech. The same portion of his brain that was dysfunctional in relation to his speech is the portion that controls things like letter recognition, letter patterns, and the recall of how to read and write letters in combination. For him to be able, at 4 years old, to write a letter with me just verbalizing what I want him to write, not providing him with a written example, is an enormous celebration for us. Granted he makes his "s" backwards and thinks the "A" is connected at the bottom, but it's a process. We were so afraid that the apraxia would be a major issue again with his learning, but so far so good! I pray it continues!! He's been through so much already to come so far with the apraxia, we are really hoping that he doesn't require any further occupational therapies, etc. to help assist with his learning process.


Julie said...

Can you have David come over here and tutor JT? I need a plan for us to work with him at home, but it never seems to be the right time. He seems to really get "performance anxiety" and shuts down when we try to work with him! I am getting worried and frustrated!

Julie said...

Oh...and way to go Chris! That is an impressive outing!