Wednesday, November 26, 2008


David came running into our bedroom yesterday while I was folding laundry. He was yelling, "POO POO! POO POO! LOOK OUT - POO POO EXPRESS COMING THROUGH!" He likes to go to the bathroom in our master bathroom. Why? So he can blow the hair dryer on the seat to warm it up. No, I'm not kidding. First he wanted to leave the door open. Thanks, no. Then, as soon as I came near him he wanted the door closed "for pribacy". He's normally fine with the door closed. No funny business, he just does what he needs to and comes out. Normally. He was in there for what seemed like a long time. Much longer than normal. I cracked the door and peeked in to see him "washing" the vanity with my freshly cleaned makeup brushes. Purchased decent makeup brushes lately? They're not cheap. I had cleaned them that morning and had them on the edge of the sink drying. I knew the vanity wasn't dirty, so I asked him where gross wet clumpy dust came from that was smeared all over the counter. "I just cleaned that dusty part of the toilet with this cleaning brush. It was dusty!" Right, that would be the part of the toilet on the floor. And the "cleaning brush" would be my Kabuki brush.


Stephanie said...

What are you doing up at 4:51AM?
Please don't tell me that is what time you get up everday.

ugh...I love my kabuki and Ellie is obsessed with it! I have two and finally just gave her one!

Briana said...

Oh yuck!

News Readin' Wife said...

Warming the toilet seat with a hair dryer? Innovative. I like it!

Loving your blog. How cute are your boys?!

Thanks for stopping by...:)