Wednesday, November 5, 2008

What the. . . ?

So about that election . . . I'm about as right-leaning as one can get, so you can imagine my discouragement at the outcome. Really, anymore leaning to the right and I would probably tip right over. Although, I do have to say that I am very proud of my fellow Americans for having the courage and open minds to elect a black president in an age when I didn't think it would happen. I thought it would happen some day, just not this day. Although I do have to say that, even though I'm proud of the country for electing a black man, I think it was the wrong black man.

Really, the bigger issue to me right now, is what the hell was that dress Michelle Obama wore last night??


Cooper said...

I am with ya sista.. I am still in shock and disappointment. I sure hope he does a quarter of wht he says..and the white house dont turn pink with gold trim.

Keri said...

The dress?? We are at WAR(a war my husband has deployed to THREE times), our economy is in the crapper, our nation is DIVIDED and you care about a friggin dress??

***shakes head in shame***

Stephanie said...

OK, can we have a sence of humor please? Yes, the nation is at War and the economy is in the crapper, but now we can't pick on the Obama families clothes? Oh, that's right that would be the left winged press who doesn't allow us to say ONE improper thing about the new first family! But, they sure did feel the need to climb all over Gov Palin and her clothing! Funny how there is such a double standard out there. Oh and last time I checked, Kim's blog is just that...a blog NOT CNN!

Julie said...

Ok, really shook your head in shame at someone else's opinion who was making light of a situation? Really? So are you just reading blogs to find someone to fight with? I am quite sure we all are aware that we are at WAR and the economy is what it is, but thanks for pointing that out anyway. Stephanie is totally right about not being able to say anything about the Obama family. I think it is a fact of life that when you are in such a high profile position, you are going to get talked about, good and bad...starting on day one.

***shakes head in amazement***

Keri said...

Your comment is a prime example of why I will always be democrat. Is being racist a quality one must possess before you get your republican card?

I cannot even believe you would type that and that this blog owner would even publish that bullshit. Having different views in one thing, being racist is quite another.

I've had to tolerate a retard in office for the last 8 years so I guess you'll just have to keep going to your Klan meetings and hope for the best. **rolls eyes**

Kim said...

Why shouldn't I publish Cooper's comment Keri? I published your comment. Imagine that, a Republican not just publishing things that I agree with. . .

misty said...

Wow, I love some drama! Even drama from people I don't know!!!

I heart Barack Obama, didn't like the dress, thought Cooper's remark was racist, would like to point out that disgruntled McCain staffers leaked the 'wardrobe malfunction' themselves, thought McCain was a great guy, thought Sarah Palin was an idiot, loved Joe Biden's hair plugs, can't wait to see the new first dog, and especially can't friggin' WAIT to see this war end, this economy fixed, my mother able to get healthcare even though she had cancer last year, and to see our nation totally energy independent with GREEN energy so that my dear sweet children can have a beautiful planet too!

God bless America! :)