Monday, May 31, 2010

Favorite Things

These are some of my favorite things right now.  It's a random list!

1.  Benefit Gee that was Quick eye makeup remover.  I never feel like I get all of my eye makeup off, and I really don't wear a lot.  (Just eyeshadow, liner, and mascara - and not applied heavily.)  This gets it ALL off.  It's a little pricey - about $21.00 at Ulta, but comes in an enormous bottle and lasts a long time.

2.  Philosophy's the present.  You put this on after applying an oil-free lotion, wait a full two minutes, then put your foundation on.  It helps to minimize pores, and it's a miracle cream.  You will love it.  You don't need much, and it works really, really well.  You can also use it in place of a moisturizer, but I like to use it in conjunction with.

3.  This Puppia harness for Georgia.  She has a pink one.  Georgia has very sensitive skin, and we had an issue with her collar rubbing her fur off on her neck.  Nothing like a dog with alopecia.  We got her a harness for walks, and it's fabulous.  She looks a bit like she's wearing a life preserver, but whatever.

4.  Torani sugar free caramel syrup.  I use this in my iced coffee in the morning.  It's delicious, no Weight Watchers points, and is a quick easy way to make my coffee taste like a latte.  I buy mine at World Market, and it's $6.99ish for a large bottle.  It lasts a long time, because I only use a small bit for my coffee.  I'm sure it has about a thousand other uses, but I'm a strictly coffee girl at this point.

5.  Latisse, the eye lash growing miracle solution.  My mother-in-law gave me this a few months ago, and I didn't try it until quite recently.  I. Love. It.  I've noticed results pretty quickly, and it's super easy to apply.  It's prescription only, and a bit pricey I think.  I'm not sure what I'll do when my freebie runs out!

6.  The corn zipper.  We have been grilling a lot of corn on the cob, but I hate eating it on the cob.  Hate it!  I use this little gadget and it takes it off the cob really quickly.  It was a purchase from a fundraiser David did at school, just sort of to buy something so he could raise some money.  It's become one of the the tools I use the most.


Stephanie said...

Great post! Love all the philosophy stuff too! :) I want Latiesse, but I think it's expensive so I guess I will stick with mascara!

leanne.n.chaisson said...

Kim you are awesome this blog is awesome and I like the sugar free carmel idea. I'm stealing it. Hope i can find it in MA.