Tuesday, May 18, 2010

We're Back

Back at the hospital, that is.  Jack had a terrible night Sunday night/very early Monday morning.  He and I were up essentially all night.  He was highly irritable, crying, inconsolable, not drinking, etc.  I called his pediatrician on my way to work Monday morning and they got him in right away.  Chris brought him while I went to work.  And hour after I got to work we were on our way to the emergency room at Vanderbilt Children's Hospital.  He was admitted yesterday, and we were finally in our room at 6ish last night.  He was moderately-severely dehydrated when we got here, had a 103 degree fever, refuses to take any food or liquid by mouth, and was hooked up to IV fluids.  He's still refusing any meds orally as well, so he's only getting Tylenol suppositories for pain.  They're not cutting it and his doctor won't give him anything intravenously.  That irritates me.  He will not be discharged until he's eating and drinking voluntarily, so I just sent Chris home to get me some more clothes, make up, etc.  Thankfully I have my computer and am able to do some work.  I was out last week from Wednesday - Friday, so I'm WAY behind.  Pray for my boy - he needs it!

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