Monday, May 3, 2010

Under the Big Top

We had big plans for Saturday night. . . so did Mother Nature.  We had made arrangements for David and Jack to spend the night with Chris' parents in Fairview, TN.  Their house is an hour from our house.  Henry spent the night with my parents.  And Chris and I were headed to Jimmy Buffett in Nashville.  This was the first time Jack had slept at someone else's house, so you can appreciate how excited we were for our date night.  It. Was. Pouring.  And I don't mean just raining hard.  I mean POURING.  As in, road closures, cars floating down the interstate, taking us 2 and a half hours to make what should be a 30 minute drive to Nashville. 
We were determined to get there though!  And, finally, we did.  We took some creative back roads.  And saw some interesting things along the way.
Like Dairy King.  Under. Water.  Look at the upper left corner of the photo.  That's a car, under water.  There's also a junkyard in the back of Dairy King.  Totally under water.  This was on Saturday afternoon.  We got 7 more inches of water the next day.  You can imagine how this story goes. . .
We FINALLY made it to the concert.  We had great plans to eat dinner by ourselves, sans children, before the show.  That didn't happen, so we got McDonalds on the way home.  Whatever. 
The show was awesome, of course.  We had fantastic seats, and a wonderful time.
Unfortunately all of the photos we took were with my phone, so they're not exactly prize winning.  Regardless, we had a great time.  Thankfully we were able to get home safely and relatively quickly.  That, my friends, was truly the calm before the storm.

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