Sunday, May 30, 2010

Henry's Last Day of Pre-K

Henry's last day of Pre-K was bittersweet.  We LOVE his teachers, and we love the program. I had some reservations about it when we started, but it was absolutely the best thing we've done for him.  He had such a fabulous year, learned so much, and made some wonderful friends.  As did I - I am now friends with his teachers and another mom in the class, all of whom are so fun and such great women.

They did a really cute little performance where they sang some songs and showed a slideshow of several photos throughout the school year.  I think we were all crying by the end.  It was really, really sweet.
 Henry did a great job with his songs, and he was a very good boy.  After the show we had an ice cream party with the other pre-K classes, and it was so funny to see Henry with all of his women.  Apparently he was quite a little Cassanova this year!  All of the little girls wanted to have their mom take a picture of them with Henry!  I was cracking up.  We had a fun afternoon and will miss his teachers and friends!

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