Wednesday, October 6, 2010

And Now it Begins. . .

We're in the house!  Our internet is connected!  We're surrounded by boxes and chaos!  Still!

The boys all had very successful first days of school.  The curriculum here in both H and D's classes seems more challenging.  And, I have to be honest and say that surprises me.  We're in a much, MUCH more rural area here.  Not rural as in, I have to drive further to get to Starbucks.  Rural as in, I have to drive further to get gas because I'm pretty sure there's no gas station in town.  Rural as in, there's not a single stop light in town.  Rural, as in I don't think most people lock their doors.  No we didn't go back in time.  Surprisingly, I really like it here so far.  (I know, it's been 5 days.  Trust me when I say I make decisions pretty quickly.)  Henry likes his teacher and thinks it's really funny that he has a friend in his class named David.  He also told me that he met a pretty girl in his class.  "She has black hair like you, was wearing a tiger shirt and black pants but no tail, and had a bow in her hair.  She might be my next wife.  We'll have to see."

David loves the work he's doing in his class and, oddly, loves his homework.  He took a test the first day at school and got a 100%, so it seems he's going to be just fine.  He hasn't really said anything about the friends in his class.  Getting him to talk about school is like practicing dentistry.  He started Cub Scouts last night and loved. it.

Jack has started at his new daycare, which is an in-home daycare.  His teacher is Ms. Angie, and he really likes her.  She is so sweet, and he's very excited to go there.

We're s.l.o.w.l.y unpacking and getting things organized.  The process is certainly slowed down by the number of wild children we have running around helpers we have.  I'll post some photos soon. . . once I find the cord to the computer. . .

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Rachel said...

Glad you guys are getting settled! Moving is tough with little ones! I am glad their school is going well so far...we love our new school! It's itty bitty which is super nice!