Monday, October 25, 2010

House Tour

Let's have a little tour, shall we?
Clearly this is the bathroom.  The only bathroom.

My favorite part about this picture?  David and Henry were taking a bath when I took it.  

The dining room is up next for paint. . .

And for some attention to the windows.

I. love. my. living. room.

I got this table at a little junky antique store over the weekend for $40. 
It's perfect for this space.

I love this lamp - it's a rooster lamp, and it's pair is in the foyer.
This is the view from the living room to the bathroom. 
There's a storage area behind the door that has our towels, etc. stored. 
However, I am in search of a pie-safeish cabinet for the towel storage.

I love our breakfast room.

I have a lot of my milk glass and some silver pieces in the hutch. 
I was iffy about it at first, but I really like it. 
I will still paint it eventually, I think. 
I have play-doh and art stuff stored in the bottom for the boys.

This is, hands down, the best $200 I've spent since we moved in.

That little storage cabinet has our dog stuff in it.  And nothing in the bottom. 
Trust me, it won't take long to fill it up.

I love my kitchen.  Like, pink puffy heart love it.
The drawers?  Perfect.
The cabinets?  Perfect. 
I probably would not change a single thing about it.

Ignore the dirty dishes. . .

And box of cleaning supplies. 
At least you know I clean.

I thought about not showing the laundry room. 
Because it's a mess.
But. . . how clean is your laundry room?

We do laundry in here, nothing exciting.

Having an actual laundry room , as opposed to a laundry closet, is fabulous.

This is our foyer, which has changed several times already. 
The S is on the chair because we are hanging the S "collection" on the walls around the chair.

And I thought about cleaning all of this up, but a decorator doesn't live here.
A 2 year old does though, and he's been playing in the chair.

All of the boys are in the same room. 
I have matching bedding for them.  In a box somewhere.
David's bedskirt is also in that box.

This is the playroom, which is adjoining the boys' room. 
David looked at the photo and said, "Well, the playroom is only half a wreck."

Our office area is this little nook at the top of the stairs.
I really like it for this purpose.

It's exactly the amount of space we need.
And it's cozy. 
We've got a few more things to add, but not major changes
Not shown?  The master bedroom, porch, patio, and guest room.  Those are not fit for public viewing yet.
Hopefully they will be soon. . .
It's not perfect yet, and I suspect it never will be, as we'll always be changing something. 
However, for only being in for three weeks, I'm very happy with the progress we've made!


Chrissy said...

In this facebook society I wanted to LIKE every picture and comment individually on each one - but alas - this is a blog! Kim I LOVE it! I want to visit you sometime and play in the playroom with the boys (love the space tent) and then hang and read (while the house is quiet - HA!)on the chair in your livingroom and just live in your space... I LOVE the office nook! And I think you got one thing wrong.... a decorator DOES live in your house and so does a 2 year old!!!!

I am serious about visiting sometime - I miss little ones.. And would love to explore the South - and I could babysit!!! What a bargin!

Thank you for the house tour! I LOVE IT!!!! LIKE

Candice said...

wow! So pretty!!! Congrats on your new house!!

Ashley said...

I love your house! So much character. I swear, having a playroom is the best thing ever with kids. And the office at the top of the stairs is very nice.

The Pennington Point said...

I LOVE house tours! I can't believe you've only lived there for three weeks. Seriously? You've made it look lived in and loved. The living room is fabulous, love the brown. I would sit in that "3" chair all day and listen to the kids laughing. I'm headed back to look more at your blog. Lisa~


How on earth did you just move in and you work full time and have 3 kids? Love it!!! You have done so much! I have lived in my house for 3 years and still don't have drapes. Seriously. My favs are the kitchen and living room, too.
Miss you. Let's do lunch soon!

Rachel said...

Looks great!!!