Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!
We were a little late with our carving this year.
Like, we did it today.

And by "We", I don't mean me.
In fact, I don't even think I touched one during the carving process.

You don't carve pumpkins in your underpants?

Henry (Chris' little clone) got into it this year.

Jack?  Notsomuch.
(Doesn't he look like a baby in this picture?!)
Not as much as he did in these pictures.

No big surprise, David was not into the pumpkin process. 
You have to get slightly dirty, and he just doesn't do that.

Chris on the other hand?
Seriously into carving pumpkins.
As in, spent the whole afternoon doing it. 
By hand, not with any sort of tools other than those bought in the $7.00 carving kits at Wal-Mart.

David?  Indiana Jones. 
First seen in 2008 at Halloween, and in playrooms all over town since then.
However, we had purchased him the Buzz Lightyear costume for this year. . .
Henry picked a Woody costume, but decided he would be Buzz.
Jack?  He was going to be Woody too.
Until this morning, when he decided that he really wanted to be Batman.
Well sure, no problem. 
I mean, there's a plethora of costumes to choose from on the day of trick or treating.
I got the single Batman costume in Bedford County, I think, that was reasonably close to his size.
And really?  It's not close to his size.
I just made it be close to his size, because I can craftily hide pins in a 2 year old's costume.

A house, that is supposed to be representative of our house, and my only pumpkin request - the S.
A crazy face, a scary face, and a Bat signal for Jack.

I love our house.
Happy Halloween!

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chandra said...

I love your house...pumpkin! Nice job Chris! Love the S too...gotta have a monogram!