Monday, July 7, 2008

All before 9 o'clock

Before 9 this morning, Henry did the following:
  • Took off his underpants and peed. Next to the toilet.
  • Had a meltdown about drawing on the dry erase calendar in our kitchen.
  • I told him no and got out their easel, which has a dry erase side. He happily drew on that. For about 3 minutes.
  • Then wanted to paint. At this point, I still had not even had a cup of coffee, and I was trying to stall the inevitable painting. I gave in and got out the paint, brushes and paper.
  • He painted on his paper for about 5 minutes. Then decided to try the splatter method. He "painted" all over the kitchen -- the floor, the table and chairs, the highchair, the island, the wall, the pantry door, and the refrigerator. And a very small corner of his paper.
  • I moved the easel to the patio to hose it down, and while I did that he broke the child proof lock off of the doorknob to the garage door and went out to the garage.
  • I came in from the patio and was washing the paint off of the kitchen floor while he rode his bicycle in the garage. Until I heard the loud glass shattering noise. He picked a glass canister (thankfully empty) up over his head and threw it on the garage floor. When I asked him why he said, "Because so I can see what it would do."
  • While I cleaned that up, he and David went out on the patio to paint. I figured that would be a better idea, because there would be less mess. Wrong. I came in from the garage to find that he had painted each pane of glass on the window to the backdoor, painted the door frame, painted the lock, painted the patio table and one chair, and had his brush poised to paint the fabric on the gazebo.

I am not exaggerating when I say he accomplished (?) all of that in less than 35 minutes. We don't call him Hurricane Henry for nothing. . .


Briana said...

Good Lord Kim, you need a vacation today!

cmh said...

It's amazing you're still sane.

Kim said...

I'm not still sane.

Rachel said...

Oh My goodness!! He is definitely Hurricane Henry!