Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Tuesday Twelve

1. Hurricane Henry was racing to the door that goes to our garage so he could follow Chris out. Chris didn't know that and shut the door behind him. Henry got there just as Chris was coming back in. The doorknob and Henry's nose are exactly the same height. He had a bloody nose and was so freaked out that he ran into their room, hid in his tent, and covered his face with his quilt. By the time everything was over, his tent and quilt looked like the scene of a homicide!

2. It's steamy here! I don't even want to go outside it's so hot, and I like the heat.

3. My car desperately needs to be vacuumed. See number 2 to understand why it's not.

4. I have 4 cake orders, a doctor's appointment, Weight Watchers, a birthday party, and a repair person coming to look at the stove this week. I love busy weeks, because it makes me be more organized about everything.

5. I got up at five this morning so I could get up before everyone else and before Chris came home. I rode the exercise bike, emptied the dishwasher, baked blueberry muffins, folded two loads of laundry and started another, and cleaned my bathroom before 6:30. Seriously, that's more than I accomplished all day yesterday.

6. David ate part of a tortilla this morning then handed it to me and said, "That smells like pee." He was right. I don't think I'll buy that brand again.

7. I'm starting behavior charts for David and Henry. Trust me, they need them lately. I'm not sure what the rewards will be, but I'm damn sure they won't be trains. I'm thinking more along the lines of a trip to the movies, going to the library, splashing in the fountains, etc.

8. We're having roast chicken for dinner tonight, which is potentially my favorite way to make chicken. Or my mom's chicken salad, but I don't make that. And it doesn't taste the same when I do.

9. I really want to run a 5K to say that I have done it. But I don't run.

10. Jack is sitting up by himself for short periods of time now. (Not getting himself into the sitting position, but staying there when I put him in a sitting position.) Shouldn't he still be acting like a newborn? He needs to stop this continued development business, because it makes me want another little tiny baby.

11. Why is pooping in the toilet such a difficult thing to learn to do? Henry was doing a great job for so long -- not wearing diapers at all unless it was to bed. Now he's having major poop issues. The same thing happened last year with David before he started school though, so I'm not making a big deal out of it. David did, however, say to Henry, "You know Henry, nobody in mine school wears a diaper or a pull-up. You have to cut that out before school starts because Ms. Frankie isn't' having it." WHAT?! "Isn't having it"? That child cracks me up.

12. Why would A-Rod hook up with Madonna? She has gross man arms and I think is really creepy. She scares me.


Briana said...

Why would Madonna hook up with A-Rod is the real question! He's a Yankee after all! (We've got some serious Sox fan issues in this house! No Yankee talk allowed or the boys start blowing raspberries.)

Julie said...

Amen on the Madonna thing. I love that David said a tortilla smelled like pee. When it is true, it is true!