Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tuesday 12

1. I had a dentist appointment this morning for my chipped/cracked tooth. I woke up sweating last night thinking about it. . .
2. My dentist looked at it, scraped around for a second and said, "I think this is the chip you felt" and handed me a piece of filling.
3. Hallelujah! No crown needed -- my tooth wasn't even broken. My filling was. A few shots of Novocaine and a couple zips of the drill later my tooth was refilled and good as new. And my face is still numb 4 hours later.
4. David and Henry have been getting up at 5 o'clock in the morning for the last week. That's not my favorite time to get up.
5. They're now in their room having a "quiet rest" with the possibility of a trip to the library this afternoon hinging on their quiet rest.
6. Last night was the first night in Jack's whole life that he didn't wake up one time from when he went to bed at 7 last night until 6 this morning.
7. I should have slept very soundly without any interruptions. I was up almost every hour worried that Jack wasn't waking up!
8. I just reserved Tori Spelling's book at the library. (What?) I was number 19 on the hold list! For some reason that shocked me.
9. I am currently obsessed with Fiber One bars. They are so good.
10. I can hear David and Henry in their room . . . not so quietly emptying their toybox. Henry just said, "DADID! Look what I digged out!"
11. I let D&H go outside to play this morning. At 6:15. I'm sure our new neighbors were thrilled.
12. Have you read any of Jen Lancaster's books? I just finished "Such a Pretty Fat" and it was hysterical. It was laugh out loud funny. I didn't want to finish it, but I really did want to finish it because it was so good it was keeping me from doing anything else. Check her out if you've not read any of her stuff. She's a funny, funny girl.

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