Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tuesday Twelve

1. Two words. Hurricane Henry. It is not an exaggeration to say that the child does not go a single day without breaking something, spilling and staining something, or sneaking someplace (read: bathroom) and causing mischief. Today while I was nursing Jack Henry snuck out of their bedroom and into the bathroom. He was looking for the toothpaste (to EAT it), but that's been confiscated. Instead, he chose to pump the soap all over the tub and rub it in. It was a brand new soap I just opened this morning, so he had a big time with it. He also woke me up this morning by gently tapping my face and whispering, "Mama? You sleeping? Mama? I spilled my bubbles." I asked him where he got bubbles. He said, "I sneaked out of my room and got dem from the bathroom pantry." He came out of his room, climbed on top of the toilet, and took the bubbles down off of the top of a cabinet in our bathroom that's taller than me. He then brought the bubbles into his room and poured them out on the floor. At six in the morning!
2. Our new behavior charts are working really well. For David. He cried tonight because he didn't get a reward for having all of his stars. Henry, in his infinite self confidence (with two out of six stars) said, "Dat's OK. Tomorrow might be a better day for me!" At least this makes me believe he hears me when I speak to him!
3. Jack tried the Stoneyfield Farms baby yogurt today. He hated it and made the most foul face. Hi, maybe that's because I got the plain yogurt, not the vanilla.
4. I chipped my second from the last tooth on the top a week ago. I've really not been concerned with it, other than knowing when I go for my appointment next month that something will have to be done about it. It's not sore, etc. and feels like a small chip. With a crack running all the way up the tooth to the gum line. I found that little gem today. Needless to say, I'll be making an appointment tomorrow to see the dentist. My least favorite medical appointment to make.
5. Henry is obsessed with using the computer. I've had to put an egg timer at the computer desk so he doesn't try to use it all day long. We have no games, so he's allowed to go to the Thomas website or Nick Jr. The child can already use the mouse and navigate the pages. David, notsomuch. He's getting better, but Henry absolutely is more skilled. But David likes to tell Henry how to do it. Perhaps he'll be a teacher.
6. I took the boys to the library today. They were so well behaved and had a very fun time. They used the computers most of the time. Big surprise. They did really, really well. They have 4 computers at child-sized desks, and the mouse is appropriately sized. That made it easier for David.
7. They were wearing headphones while using the computer, and every time Henry had a question or wanted to show me something he would scream, "MAMA! CAN YOU HEAR ME? LOOK AT DIS!" Or if he thought I said something (which I hadn't) he said about a million times, "UH, YOU TALKIN' TO ME MAMA?" The librarian and I were cracking up.
8. There are four women I see walking through my neighborhood each night, and I so want to be their walking buddy. Nevermind that I couldn't go then because Chris is sleeping and I'm definitely not taking my children, I don't know them at all, and I have no desire to walk in 99 degree weather when I could walk in the morning. I just want to be their friend because they always look like they're having such a good time. Except the one who wears those weird things right above her knees and always walks like she has Barbie legs that don't bend. She doesn't seem so fun and I don't care to befriend her.
9. I've already told D&H that we're going to the fountains tomorrow. So help me God if the stupid things aren't turned on when we get there.
10. Why does the post office employ some of the most irritating people? This one guy at our post office, whom I will not name because not many people work there and I don't have a whole lot of postal options, is SO freaking irritating. All he does is talk. I know he thinks he's very amusing. He's. Not. Seriously dude, just tell me how much the damn postage is and I'm gone. I don't want to hear about your theories on how our lives were fine without computers and that the jury system in the United States needs to be completely overhauled and maybe Obama will do that. I'm not starting a political conversation at the post office counter. Do I look like I like you? Do I look like I want to talk to you for one second longer than I have to? I know what my your-irritating-the-piss-out-of-me face looks like, and I'm giving it to you right now. The only saving grace was that I didn't have three children with me. Although if I had, perhaps he wouldn't have dragged things along. They are a very good way for me to get things done quickly.
11. I tried on all of my tighter (read: didn't fit) pants and capris this morning. They were all tight (read: didn't button) three weeks ago. They all fit! I was seriously dancing in the living room each time I came out with a pair on. Henry said, "What do you think you're doing?" I told him I was dancing because I was excited and he said, "Take it to your room."
12. My car needs to be detailed desperately. This is my husband's domain, and I would ask him to do it but I don't want to hear a lecture about how messy it is. And he takes that job seriously with a capital S. It would be an entire afternoon. I'd rather just live with it!

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Briana said...

Oh my goodness Henry! You are going to make your Mommy go gray! I'm laughing at his response to his behavior chart too! LOL at "Take it to your room" He cracks me up!

My boys hated that yogurt too. Didn't matter what flavor it was.