Sunday, July 27, 2008

Weekend Highlights

  • Three really good boys, all weekend long.
  • A flawless, huge baby shower cake that was delivered without a problem.
  • A fun day with Chris' family yesterday.
  • Off-roading and playing in the creek with my boys.
  • Watching David and Henry screaming as loud as they could "in the forest". Why? Because they could.
  • Winning the much coveted "Lady" the train on ebay for D&H. Then listening to Chris try to explain to David how we paid for it and why it's not here yet. And having David ask (literally) every hour since Friday, "Is Lady here yet Mama?" And watching him gaze longingly out the window for the mail truck to come because Lady might be here.
  • Swimming today and a nice, fun day spent with my mom.
  • Hearing David and Henry scream for Uncle Clayton to "DO A CANNON BALL!" He's in his seventies. (And didn't do one.)
  • Listening to Henry yell to David as he jumped into the pool, "Come to Papa!"
  • Watching Jack crawl across the room to play with David and Henry. Are. You. Kidding?


Briana said...

Ack, crawling! Olive is so close too! I suspect within the week she'll be off and running, err crawling.

Let's see a photo of the cake! I love looking at them, they're amazing!

Kelly said...

Sounds like a fun weekend! Jack is crawling?? He can't be ready for that yet!! All these kiddos need to slow down!