Thursday, July 17, 2008


  • Today in the car the boys were watching Spongebob. (I hate that show.) Spongebob said to Patrick, "Patrick! Your genius is showing!" You can guess what that got translated to and was repeated over and over and over again. . . "David! Your {insert body part that sounds like genius here} is showing!"
  • We had Lily June today while her parents and brother were at the hospital searching for a quarter. She was playing with David and Henry in the living room and it got suspiciously quiet. I came into the room and they were gone. I looked down the hallway and saw the door closed to the boys' room. We don't play with the door closed. Trust me, it's a bad idea. And hello, we especially don't play in a bedroom with a GIRL with the door closed. So I stand by the door and hear David grunting saying, "Wiwwy June, my gosh! You sure are a vewy heaby giwl." I could only imagine. I opened the door to see him with his hands under her armpits half carrying/half dragging her across the bedroom to try to put her on Henry's bed. Thankfully Henry has the bottom bunk!
  • David and Henry were eating lunch. They had peanut butter and banana sandwiches on hot dog buns. Henry said, "Dadid, this lunch is so spectaculous. I can't stand it for another minute." And proceeded to kiss his sandwich about 9756 times. Where on earth did he hear something like that?

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Briana said...

HA! They crack me up!