Friday, July 18, 2008

Five for Friday

1. David and Henry are spending the night with my in-laws. YAHOO!
2. I went grocery shopping this afternoon. I do one BIG grocery shopping each month, and it was today. I was so excited when I saved $94 and change using my Kroger card and coupons. The majority of that (over $50) was coupons.
3. It seems it's physically impossible for me to birth a child without an incision complication. With David my incision reopened a week later and took about a month to fully close. With Henry the incision wouldn't close in the hospital and I had to stay an additional day. Then a stitch didn't dissolve, encapsulated, and worked its way out through my incision. 10 months after I delivered him. This morning I noticed a very sensitive, bruised area about 1 cm below my incision. I suspect it's another stitch trying to come out. 6 months later this time.
4. I went to Weight Watchers today and lost 2.2 more pounds.
5. A Betty Crocker mini bowl chocolate cake is only 3 points. . . that makes me want to eat both of them!!

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Briana said...

I had the same problem as you did with your 2nd pregnancy, with my 2nd pregnancy and C-Section. The Dr. figured out that my body did not dissolve the stiches so they used different ones this time around (and those god awful staples again instead of steri-strips.) Hope this time it isn't anything major. What a pain, literally!