Monday, September 29, 2008

Still Pitiful

Henry's temperature yesterday rose to 106, where it held steady. It would go down temporarily with Ibuprofen, but would shoot right back up. I called the on-call physician last night because I was nervous that it was so high with no additional symptoms. I brought him in to see the pediatrician this morning, and his temp was still 106. Seriously? I didn't even know our thermometer went that high. (FYI, it goes to 111. If I ever see that on the display because it's the temperature of someone in this house I will pass out.) His ears are clear, no vomiting, no headache, and his rapid strep test came back negative. They're sending a second culture out for additional testing, but I think that will come back negative also. He has no fever now, incredibly, but is clearly not feeling well. He's very lethargic and sad. I'm supposed to call the doctor back on Wednesday if he still has a fever. I'm pretty sure it's just something viral, because he does seem to be slightly better. He'll definitely be taking his first sick day from school tomorrow!


Susan said...

Having a temperature that high is scary. Especially when there are no other symptoms. Poor baby. And poor mama! I hope he feels much better soon.

Briana said...

Poor boy! Logan runs high fevers like that every couple months for no apparent reason and after a couple days he's fine again. I hate fevers!