Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Who Needs an Alarm Clock?

12:15 AM - Henry wants a drink
3:20 AM - Jack stood up in his crib and forgot how to lay back down
4:11 AM - David wet his bed and came into our room
4:12 - 4:30 AM - I laid in bed mentally trying to psych myself up to go change David's pee soaked bed
4:31-4:35 AM - I change the top bunk's sheets while trying not to wake Henry up on the bottom bunk
4:36 AM - I retrieve David, who is by now wide awake, and bring him back to his room with the hushed instructions to not wake Henry up.
4:40 AM - Having just gotten comfortable in my bed again, I close my eyes.
4:41 AM - Jack is crying.
4:44 - 5:00 AM - I alternated between nursing Jack and going across the hall to David and Henry's room to tell them to be quiet, go back to sleep, etc. because it's "the middle of the night".
5:02 AM - I throw the towel in and just get up. Or, I guess accept that I am up. With everyone settled in their rooms, I hop on the exercise bike and turn on CNN.
5:12 AM - David wants cinnamon toast. I stop riding the bike, get his order from the kitchen, and turn on the living room TV for Henry and David
5:20 AM - Henry needs a drink
5:25 - 5:55 AM - Various demands for food and drink, wipe my bum, get this toy down, put that toy up. . .
6:00 AM - Commence the fighting for the day. David won't let Henry play with the trains. Henry turns the TV off. David whines that he wants to play with Henry then won't let him play. . .

All I can say is THANK GOD school starts today!!!!

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Briana said...

Besides all that middle of the night stuff, the rest sunds like a typicl day here! Ahh brothers!