Thursday, February 28, 2008

Jack's Appointment & a Little More

Jack had his follow up appointment with the pediatrician today regarding his spitting up. He weighed 10 pounds, 8 ounces. This is up 4 ounces from last Monday, which rules out pyloric stenosis as the cause of the spitting up. She is (as are we) convinced that he's got reflux, so we'll continue what we've been doing for the last 10 days as far as treating it. On the sleeping front, he's still not so great. Last night he was up for several hours in the night, and I had tried everything to get him to sleep. He wasn't crying or upset -- just wanted to hang out. I didn't. Finally I got his carseat and strapped him into it. We have a little box that attaches to his bed with a nightlight, vibration, music, etc. I set it to vibrate, plopped him in the carseat into his bed, and he slept for three hours. That is the longest he's slept at night. Ever. As in, ever in his entire little life. I woke up at 6:30 nervous, because I woke up before him! Above is a picture of him sleeping right now. (For some reason I can't move the photo?!) While I think it's very odd to put my baby to sleep in his carseat and cover him up with the cover, I'm all for it if it allows me to get some sleep!

I had my six week checkup with my OB on Monday. All is well, and *YIPPEE* no issues with my incision this time. Third time's the charm!

As for Weight Watchers this week. . . don't ask. I lost six tenths of a pound. I mean, are you freaking kidding me? Had I eaten breakfast I would have GAINED weight! I'll (hopefully) be kickstarting that pitiful loss with my new exercise program that starts Saturday morning. It's the Couch to 5K running program. I. Don't. Run. (In regards to the running, I want NO comments from anyone who has seen the DVD of my wedding. I'm laughing out loud right now as I think about it. If you've not seen it, don't ask. I seriously won't tell you.) From everything I've read this program will make a non-runner into a runner in 9 weeks. We'll see. . . I don't think I've run further than perhaps to the telephone since I was a senior in high school, and then I would only do it because I HAD to. For more info about the C to 5K business, go to and it's under training.

D&H are their normal crazy selves. D is having some emotional breakdowns this week. I attribute it to being 3, which is the suckiest (?) age, and some latent baby adjustment issues. He is acting very whiny, constantly testing us, and doesn't want to be anywhere by himself (read: without me). He's been having some major breakdowns when we drop him off at school. I'm hoping we can get over it soon. What's that saying? When he's good he's very, very good and when he's bad he's. . . WICKED! H is H. He's going through a bit of a mean streak, 99% of the time toward D. And I would say most of his aggression is probably justifiable! He's doing well with his potty training, for the most part. For some reason today and yesterday he's been peeing all over the house like a puppy, but other than that he's doing really well. He loves to "surprise" us with it. He'll say, "Close your eyes and I'll give you a pee pee surprise!" Um, right. Not exactly the kind of surprise I want! Thankfully when he's surprising us, it's in the toilet!

I'm off to bed. . . keep your fingers crossed that the carseat works again tonight!

And PS. Spell check hasn't worked for weeks on this. . . sorry if there's a bunch of words spelled wrong! I'm not proofreading!


Susan said...

Good news about Jack!! Seriously? "terrible twos" is a joke. That's the easiest age. :) Threes definitely suck and it goes on from there. Hopefully you drink.

P.S. I LOVE that you read Jennsylvania. I have been a faithful reader for a while and think she is awesome. She is part of my daily blog reading. She reminds me of you. :)

Stephanie said...

Whatever it takes!! My kids spent many days in the laundry room on the dryer & Ty slept in his swing for 6months...they are all fine! :)

nmpiche said...

I did the couch to 5K running program and I liked it. And I hate to run. I hope it works out well for you!
love, Nicole