Monday, November 28, 2011

And the Oscar Goes To. . .

This little star found out today that he got a part in the school play.
What part, you may ask?

Oh yes - he will be an Oompa Loompa.  
I. Love. This.
I cannot explain to you how happy it makes my heart that he even tried out.
David could not, until this year, get through a school performance (Christmas, Veteran's day, etc.) without squeezing his eyes tightly shut and clamping his hands over his ears.  He would not go to a loud birthday party.  He would freeze outside of a Christmas party and hide under a table.
And he tried out for the play.
And he GOT A PART!
Is the the star of the show? 
No.  But he is trying.  And that is all that matters.
He has the confidence and the desire to try to be a part of it.  
He's not afraid it will be too loud or that people will look at him.
He's not afraid to be part of the group.
He wants to be part of the group and to be with his friends.
Friends he made all by himself - not friends who were the children of my friends.
This boy has come a long, long way, and I am so incredibly proud of him.

Prediction:  I will cry like a baby to see him perform on stage in his play!


Misty said...

Aww, this melts my heart.

And on a slightly different note, I once dated this douchebag named Jeremy. Well, because I'm 4'11" his entire family insisted on calling me Oompa Loompa and would walk around singing the song and doing the march. I hate them all to this day.

Good luck, David!!

Rebecca said...

As you should ... You are not an Oompa Loompa .

Nicole said...

That is fantastic. So proud of David for taking the chance to try out! I love it!