Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween!

We got sort of a late start to Halloween this year.
Like, we started on October 29th.
Chris got cracking with his pumpkin carving.
He did this S for me on a funkin so we don't he doesn't have 
to carve the same thing every. single. year for me.

Next up?
Angry Birds.
He did such a good job!

Last?  Mario and Bowser.
Seriously.  Our kids are lucky Chris is in charge of pumpkin carving.
If it were up to me they would either all be monogrammed or all be old school pumpkins you carved when you were four with triangle eyes and jagged teeth.  I have zero pumpkin carving skills.

I didn't get any mums this year.
And looking at this picture, that makes me sad.
I have ferns (that were previously hanging) in my urns with cinderella pumpkins on top of them.  
We got the metal luminaries at a yard sale this summer for 25 cents each, and they're fabulous.  I couldn't get a good shot of them lit up in the dark, but it looked great.  Trust me.  I do wish I had two big full mums on the porch.  I think I'll get some when I take the pumpkins down and keep the mums up through Thanksgiving.  (Until I put up my real love - my Christmas decorations!!!)

Henry got to wear his costume to school for their Halloween party. 
He was so excited!
Poor David was sick all weekend, so we kept him home Monday as well.  I'm not sure he realizes he missed his Halloween party. . . 

David was Venom (something I had never heard of).
Jack, after much deliberation, was Indiana Jones.  Which is not really a costume for him, because he wears it every day of his life.  
And is not the costume I bought for him. . . 
I should have saved my money!
Henry was Super Mario, and it was PERFECT on him.  
He looked so, so cute.
We had fun trick or treating.
I'm not looking forward to the day when they realize there 
are more than 10 houses we could go to on Halloween. . . 

Happy Halloween!

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