Sunday, November 20, 2011

Give Thanks, Day 20

Today I'm thankful for Edy's Grand Peppermint ice cream.
It is one of my absolute favorite things about the holiday season.
And I'm thankful for Becky Clerkin, who got me hooked on it about 12 years ago!

I'm also thankful Henry is my constant crafting buddy. 
That boy loves an art project.
Or "arts and craps" as he used to say!
Today he made this Santa candle holder out of an old jelly jar (which I never throw away now, because it's an instant project for him when he's bored - I keep all of my glass jars), paint, a piece of felt, a few cotton balls, and a glue gun.
He said it's for Santa, and he's going to leave it out on Christmas Eve.
I told him that I don't think Santa can take glass gifts in his sleigh because they may fly out.
I think we'll make one for his teacher.  
If she reads this, I hope she acts surprised.
And we'll be *borrowing* Santa's until Christmas Eve.

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Misty said...

Have you tried Purity's Candy Cane ice cream?! Oh you haven't?! That's because I bought it all.