Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Giving Thanks - Day 15

Ugh, day 15.  For day 15 I am thankful I'm not a single mother who works full-time.  Chris had to go to a funeral Tuesday and spent the majority of the day with the family, at the service, et cetera.  My father very generously stayed with Jack from about 10:00 until I got home from work.  David and Henry came home, and apparently David got quite upset that his play-doh snake (which, if I know David, was about 4 feet long) was so skinny it kept breaking when he would try to carry it.  He had a melt.down.  My poor father - if you've never experienced a meltdown that David can have that lasts an hour or more, it's not fun.  I left work an hour early when I realized that the tantrum was epic.  I calmed him down, then had to help with homework, get dinner made and served, marginally clean up after dinner, get them to boy scouts (where Chris met us), play with Jack on the church playground for a few minutes, get a snack for Henry to bring to school, bring Jack home, clean up, get Jack ready for bed, read stories, do sticker chart, and get him settled.  Then David and Henry came home from scouts and we did it all over again.  I ended up falling asleep in David's bed while I snuggled him!  So for day 15 I am thankful that I'm not a full-time working single mama.  And in awe of how those parents can keep it together without losing their minds.

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