Thursday, March 13, 2008

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

This morning Jack and I hit the town to run some errands. I dressed him like my grampy Chet used to dress. (OK, my grampy probably didn't wear a onesie with a huge monogram across the front, but he wasn't a Southern boy!) I went to WW. I was down .6 pounds again. Again I was not happy about that! Granted, I'm not up .6 pounds, but seriously? I've lost 8.6 pounds since I started WW and 29 since having Jack. It is a much slower process this time. That makes no sense to me, as I don't sit down all day, but hopefully next week's scale result will be better. Just as a reference, here's a photo of my grampy from 30+ years ago. Notice the plaid bathing suit. He must be who I get my love of plaid from, because it certainly isn't my mama!While Jack and I were out, Chris and the boys played outside. Big Daddy took the baby swings down and up went the big boy swings. Hung about 6 inches from the ground. D&H think they are VERY cool on these new swings and are very proud to swing by themselves. And H only fell off about 97 times. It was beautiful out today, and you know my children can't be playing outside with clothes on. No shoes, no shirt, no problem is our motto. They played out all morning with Big Daddy and from one until five this afternoon. With no clothes on. Not abnormal for them as they generally are not big fans of getting dressed whether they'll be in or out, but it is March. Thankfully it was almost 80, so it was fine!
While they played out, I decorated my father-in-law's birthday cake. Now, before people go telling me how irresponsible I am to allow my children to play outside by themselves, our yard is fully fenced, gate locked, and I can see them from the window or door in the kitchen. And trust me -- they come in frequently enough that I never have a question of whether or not they're safe. Here's the cake.


Stephanie said...

I am so jealous of your weather....I am sitting here, looking out my window, watching it SNOW again! Don't you miss New England?

Julie said...

I want some of that cake!!!

marytannery said...

The boys are growing up so quick! I can not wait to meet Jack. I am with Julie...I can almost taste the cherries on that cake. I hope to see you all soon.