Monday, March 10, 2008

Just Wanted to Let you Know

  1. 4 Dixie Cups cannot successfully be flushed down our toilet. No matter how much, "I just trying to talk about flushing a couple down!"
  2. It's not a great idea to ask an almost 3 year old to "please run into Jack's room really quickly and get a burp cloth for me." That translates to, "Please crawl as slowly as you can into Jack's room and when you get there empty the entire container of baby wipes onto the floor. Then please roll around in them and 'clean' underneath the crib. With all of them."
  3. A floor register for the heat CAN in fact "eat" an entire large container of Legos. And a small jewelry box full of your Gigi's silver bangle bracelets. And this does not make your grandfather happy.
  4. Peeing on the floor next to the potty is not "almost da same fing" as peeing in it.
  5. Jack still doesn't have teeth. No matter how many times you pry his mouth open just to check. He's only 7 weeks old.

Life Lessons, by Henry.


Julie said...

Ahhhhhh....dixie cups!

michele.clerkin said...

He kills me. He is so funny...i know he isn't doing these things in my house so I can think it is the funniest thing I heard in a long time!!!!! I bet grandpa didn't think it was very funny at all!!!!!