Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Tuesday Twelve

This picture is such a good representation of our days -- everyone on top of me, clamoring for a spot! We are all sitting in a chair. . . and not a large one!

1. The Easter bunny better get hoppin' around here, because that rabbit's got some freaking work to do. Those eggs won't fill themselves!

2. D, oh child of mine who never stops talking, said in the car yesterday, "Mama, that red octagon over there says S-T-O-P stop." OK, what?! How does he know that?

3. Hurricane Henry needs to slow down. I swear he knocks his head on something, falls down, trips, etc. every single day. That child will visit the ER more times than the other two children combined, I suspect. Today he smacked his head on the train table while he was bending over. HELLO! Look where you're going!

4. D got his ass whooped at school yesterday by the smallest boy in the class. And, were I not such a classy gal, I might have whooped the boy who did it! He smacked D in the eye with a cup at lunch. And the teacher didn't say anything about it to me! I'm going to talk to them in the morning when I drop him off.

5. J must be having a growth spurt, because yesterday he was a major crab and spent the day crying or eating. Literally, eating all day long. Today he's done nothing but sleep. He has his 2 month check on Friday at the pediatrician, and I can't wait to see what he weighs.

6. D and H were playing outside yesterday and BOTH peed and pooped in their pants. Seriously, what are they thinking? They both know to come in to go to the bathroom. And today David did it again! OK, I can buy that an accident will happen occasionally. Um, 2 days in a row? I think not. I made him come in and wouldn't let him go back out after he got cleaned up. That's just laziness that caused the poop today.

7. I got new Bare Escentuals makeup this weekend and am LOVING it.

8. I do at least two loads of laundry every day, but I can never seem to put it away! I fold it, put it in the basket with the best of intentions, and it doesn't get put away until I need the basket again. WHY is that such a difficult thing to get done around here?!

9. My children have been playing outside tons lately, now that the weather is nicer. I love it, and they love it, and they get super tired. That, however, makes them go from fun normal boys to INEEDTOGOTOBEDRIGHTNOW children. It's 5:45, and all three of them are asleep.

10. Speaking of sleep, J has been sleeping from about 11-4 or later each night. YAHOO! I love it! I've probably jinxed myself for tonight!

11. Tomorrow D has an Easter party at school, and we're bringing the sandwiches. J&H have a playgroup Easter party also. That means I need to make 20 Easter egg shaped sandwiches, a salad for our playgroup party, get everyone (including myself) bathed and dressed and out the door. All by 8:45! Thank God Chris will be home in the morning!

12. Since everyone is asleep, I'm off to enjoy my scallop dinner by myself in silence while I read an actual book. I love it when that happens!


Stephanie said...

OK...I just have way to much to say! First, I LOVE bare escentuals! I have been using it for a year & just found it at Target! I totally feel for you with the lazy pee, poop thing and the hitting thing at school! Just about all you say...been there or I am currently there, we live exactly the same lives!!! The lap picture cracked me up! SO TRUE!

*amy* said...

omg, i think you just summed up my week. life is grand with 3 boys!