Sunday, March 9, 2008

Weekend Roundup

Helloooooo folks. I say that like there are so many people reading this -- Hello to the five people I know read it!! I hope you had a fab weekend. I have some photos to show what our's was like.

I know I'm totally biased, but I seriously think Jack gets freaking cuter every single day. Even more so now that he's --wait for it -- only getting up once a night to eat!! I seriously thought the day would never come. It's amazing what sleeping in his vibrating bed while strapped into a carseat does for him. If we ever go to Vegas all we have to do is bring a stack of quarters and he's all set. Now, if he would just stop puking on me I'd be totally happy.

Thursday we went back to Super Target (shocker, I know) and got the cutest chick Easter cupcakes. Yes, I bought cupcakes somewhere else! David and Henry were BEGGING for them, so I relented. David ate it like he was a homeless child, and Henry didn't want to touch it so he ate his while bent over the table not using his hands. We also got a cute St. Patrick's day shirt for Jack, some Easter egg placemats, and a bunch of other crap we don't need. And I haven't been back since! Can you believe it?

Friday I had a LOVELY day with Julie, Lily June, and Jack. We spent the majority of the day in Franklin doing some shopping and going to lunch. Chris stayed home with the big boys. And I felt guilty the entire time. I know I shouldn't, but I did. I know how tired he gets around like 1, so I felt bad that I was gone. I didn't have to though, because everyone was asleep when I got home! You might remember the photo I posted in July of our friend's new baby, and she was tiny. Well, that child is Lily June, and as you can see from this photo with Jack, she's tiny no more!

Yesterday it SNOWED! Actual snow on the ground. Granted it didn't last the entire day, but long enough to go "play" in. It took me more time to get David and Henry dressed than they spent outside! After they played outside, we colored Easter eggs. It was the most miserable thing I've done in a long time! Coloring eggs with two very energetic little boys sucks. I hated every minute of it. And they loved it -- I'm not sure why, because I'm quite certain I was probably a bitch the whole time. It was messy, stressful, and not fun at all for me! Today they each wanted to eat one. David was pissed his wasn't orange inside, and Henry said his tasted like "dog poop". I didn't even question why or how he knows what dog poop tastes like. You never know with Henry. He licked frosting, literally, off the floor in my parents kitchen this afternoon.
Today we went to dinner at my parents house. For real, that woman can make a meal that would sabotage the best Weight Watchers point counter in town. It was a beautiful day out, so we played outside for a while, went for a walk, and had a great day. For those who don't already know, my sister and her boyfriend Jarrod have moved to TN, and today was our first real family dinner with them here. It was nice! And David and Henry played with a dead bird. That was not nice. It was really, really gross. And my dad wasn't there, so I had to shovel the thing up and throw it next to the barn. Hi, I don't shovel up dead birds. And I probably wouldn't have, had David not picked it up in his damn bare hands and then tried to run over it with his bike. I think I threw up a little bit in my mouth.
I will leave you with my favorite picture of Jack ever. I'm bummed that I already got his birth announcement photos, because this would have been it.


Julie said...

LOVE the LJ and Jack picture!! I also love your favorite pic of Jack...I think it is mine too!!!

*amy* said...

i ♥ the pictures! jack is so freakin adorable!

Kelly said...

Love the pics! Jack is sooo cute! Beautiful baby!
For the record, I hate dying eggs too! Why do we put ourselves through such torture?!!

Susan said...

I can't believe how much Jack has changed. He really is just the cutest thing ever. He is always smiling. I can see why this would be your favorite picture to date. :)

michele.clerkin said...

So you trick puked because of the bird!! I love that you have three boys and are one of the girliest people I know!!!!