Monday, March 31, 2008

Lunch at School

Today Chris, Henry, Jack and I joined David at school for lunch. We brought pizza, juice, and cupcakes for his class to celebrate his birthday. It was SO cute to see David showing Henry the ropes at school and to see them interacting with the other boys in the class. (His class is 8 three year old boys.) After lunch they have story time, and I read the story to the class. It was so fun! Chris thinks I'm such a dork for enjoying it so much. I hope to do it again soon. David's teachers were so nice to Henry, including him in everything while we were there, and he was sooo proud of himself. He loves to go to "Dadid's cool" as he says. Good thing, because I just registered him today to start in September. While we were there, David said, "Mama, Spencer doesn't know your name." (Spencer is a boy in his class.) I told David he could tell Spencer my name and David replied, "I did. I told him your name is Mama, but he said that it's not!" Spencer told me as I was passing out the pizza that his family doesn't go to Pizza Hut "because they get low cleaning scores". I cracked up that a three year old knows that Pizza Hut gets low scores from the health department!

On the way home after school Jack was crying in the car. David said, "Mama, PLEASE turn Jack off!" I told him that I couldn't and he said, "Just press the button. The one on his belly will turn. Him. Off." Oh, if it were just that easy! He also said, "Honey, thank you for my special day at school today." I thought that he called me honey but wasn't sure, so I asked what he said and he repeated it. Too funny.


Susan said...

I love three year olds. Everything about that entry made me laugh!

*amy* said...

awww! your kids are so sweet! :)