Monday, April 7, 2008

I Love Publix!

I went to Publix today because they're having a matching special to try to get people to try Publix brand products. There are four items in the special, and if you purchase the name brand item you get the Publix brand free. So I got Heinz Organic Ketchup, Cascadian Farm organic Raisin Bran, Silk Organic Soy Milk, Delmonte Organic Sweet Peas, Publix Greenwise organic ketchup, PG organic raisin bran, and PG organic soy milk for $13.69 (including tax and my penny item of the week, which was a loaf of bread!) I was unsure about the soy milk, because I didn't know if D&H would like it. However, they would have consumed an entire half gallon already today if I would let them. I'm a big fan of purchasing organically when possible, but it's typically a budget buster for us. Not in this case! I love that the expiration for the soy milk is June, and I'll definitely be back to pick more up. Publix has a lot of organic alternatives in their store brand for things. If you live near Publix, definitely check this deal out!

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