Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Tuesday Twelve

1. We're having Asian turkey lettuce wraps tonight for dinner with cheesy veggie rice. David will probably hate it and want pancakes, as he dislikes any new foods, but I'm holding firm to the eat-what's-for-dinner-or-don't-eat-until-breakfast rule.

2. Jack had been sleeping through the night for two weeks, but in the last two days decided he missed me and wanted to get up at least two times per night. I hope this is just a phase.

3. Henry is officially registered for preschool. That makes me want to throw up! HOW is he already old enough for that?

4. David is learning body parts -- the technical names -- from his teacher's daughter who is a nursing student. She helps in his class and has taken a particular liking to David. (Duh, why wouldn't she?!) It's hysterical to hear him telling Henry to point to his patella.

5. I cleaned out the pantry today and made a pile for the food bank, threw some stuff away, and reorganized. I LOVE an organized pantry.

6. I have been so disorganized with things to get in the mail since having Jack. I promise the formula coupons will get to you before they expire Kelly!

7. I had three TERRIBLE weeks of following Weight Watchers. I was seriously off track. I gained 1.6 pounds!!

8. Henry hates the YMCA playroom. When I asked why he said, "Because I'm ALONE!" Clearly the child has never been alone in his life. Alas, the curse of the middle child! Also, I think the woman who works there when we generally go has a stern voice, which he's not used to. He was looking out the door to the outside playground and (he says) she said, "HENRY! GET AWAY FROM THE DOOR!" David told me also that he went to the bathroom and Henry said he had to go and the woman said, "You have a diaper on. You can't use the potty." WTF? I totally understand this information is coming from a 3 and 4 year old, but I'm not forcing him to go there if he hates it. I can't stand the thought of him crying the entire time, just so I can walk on the treadmill. I guess it's back to walks with the children and DVDs in the living room for exercise, unless Julie and I make a date! I can sneak there while Chris is home, but he's working extended shifts now, so that won't happen for a while.

9. I have to have a filling replaced (the only filling I have) and I'm dreading it!

10. David's new thing to say is, "I hate it!" I hate that he says that!

11. Why is it that as soon as a child is three, at least in our house, he turns into a mini devil? Henry turns three next week and it's like some internal calendar set an alarm off. He's starting to talk back, act mean, and just generally be [more] mischievious. I thought he would stay sweet forever!

12. Jack is 11 weeks old now and smiling like a crazy man! He can be so upset and crying but will just stop and smile that big toothless smile. I love it!


Julie said...

I LOVE that picture! I thought Henry would stay sweet forever too...I think 3s suck! PLEASE make me go to the Y...I am so lazy...we need a standing date!

sssmile14 said...

Avery hates going to the Y too, and we have that exact same issue with the stern lady. ;)He is much happier with a friend. I make him go anyway. I'm a mean mommy. Anyway, if you go when I do they can just hate it together! :)

Kelly said...

What is it with that Y? Owen HATED going there too!
I love the new Jack pic! He's growing up too fast :-(
Please don't worry about the formula checks! You are busy enough girl!