Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Cake Vent

I had a woman contact me recently about doing a cake for her child's birthday. She said she had looked at my website several times and had eaten cakes I had done twice, at two different events. We worked out the details of the cake over a series of phone calls, at which time she then asked for the total cost. I told her what it would be, including the $10 delivery charge, and she was silent. "Oh. That's honestly more than I thought it would be." I didn't want to point out that this information is clearly posted on my website that she has looked at "several times". And she asked why there's a delivery charge. Um, why do you think? I didn't mention that the location she wanted me to bring the cake to is 28 miles from my house. That's 56 miles round trip. I haven't increased my delivery charge at all since I've started doing cakes. Gas prices, as we all know, have increased significantly. By delivering her cake for $10, it will actually COST me money! (I could hear her husband say in the background when she mentioned the delivery fee, "It's because of gas prices.") I completely understand that my cakes are not inexpensive. But, like most things, you get what you pay for. My prices are significantly below what someone would pay at a specialty bakery. If you want an inexpensive cake, go get a sheet cake at Sam's. It certainly doesn't hurt my feelings that someone wouldn't order a cake from me because of the price. However, I'm not doing this just for fun. She's going to discuss the cake with her husband and I'm still waiting to hear back from her. . .

edited to add: I heard back from her. She wants a cake half the size, but still the same design. That doesn't really work when you're going from a two tier cake to a single tier, but I'll figure something out.


Kelly said...

What a pain!!

marytannery said...

I love stupid, cheap customers! They are my favorite and I get to deal with them everyday. Good times!