Monday, June 16, 2008

It's Monday Again

When I think, "Oh I should. . . " I need to do it immediately. Or, "Oh maybe he's going to . . . " in reference to something one of my children might do. I'm always sorry I didn't do whatever it is I was thinking, check on someone, etc. What am I talking about you may ask? For example, the first time Jack rolled over, I had put him on his back on a blanket on the floor as Chris and I brought some things out to the car. As we were walking in I said to Chris, "Wouldn't it be funny if Jack rolled over while we were out here?" Sure enough, guess who was on his belly when we got into the house?

Our neighbors moved two weeks ago and gave us a travel potty. It has a spot where you attach a Ziploc bag, and the potty opens up so that the sides form little legs. The child sits on the potty, does their business, and you just remove the bag, zip it up and throw it out. I have a larger potty seat in our car, which everyone makes fun of. Hi, do you want to bring three children into a public bathroom and try to keep two of them from touching/flushing/licking everything in sight? Didn't think so. The potty's been used QUITE a lot. Today, as we were leaving to go someplace with no bathrooms, I thought to myself, "Oh, I should put that potty in the car." I didn't. Don't you know, about 30 minutes after we get to the fountains David said, "Mama, I have to go poopy." Of course you do. I bring all three kids to the van, start it and turn the A/C on, and David plops himself down on the potty seat, puts his headphones on, watches Spongebob on the DVD player, and pooped. Um, then what do you do with it?! I had to take it out of the potty with a wipe and tie it up in a Target bag I keep in my car exactly for situations like this.

Later at home, I was getting dinner ready and Jack was in his exersaucer in the kitchen. Super smeller David walks by Jack and starts gagging and pointing at him. I thought Jack had spit up, which makes David mental. I asked if that was what happened and David said, "NO! I need a cracker to hold in front of my nose so I don't smell that baby." Um, Ok what? I looked at Jack who was jumping around, happy as a pig in you-know-what. Oh no, maybe I should say happy as a baby in you-know-what. He had pooped. BIG time. It squirted out the side of his diaper, all down his leg, and into the base of the exersaucer. A large pile of it. And he proceeded to jump in it. A lot.

And again I will ask, whose life am I living?

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Briana said...

LOL at that last one! That happened to Olive on Monday, only it was at the sitter's so I didn't have to clean it up! Thank goodness for small miracles!