Saturday, June 28, 2008

Six for Saturday

1. David has another ear infection. He's been saying for a few days, "Mine ear hurts. Can I have more medicine?" so I figured it was a ploy to get more amox. Notsomuch. I brought him in on Friday. Full of wax and PUSS, ruptured ear drum. Swell. His prescription this time is Omnicef, which tastes like Omniass. He spit the first teaspoon back in my face, which is how I know it tastes like Omniass. I mixed it with some chocolate frosting this morning and let him eat it from a bowl. He lapped that up like a dog. Unfortunately that means he'll have to eat a small bowl of frosting for the next 8 days. . .

2. I got Jell-O dark chocolate pudding today. It's delicious!

3. We went to the Franklin farmer's market this morning. It was great! Not a huge selection of stuff, but what was there looked great. We got eggplant, cucumbers, zucchini, peppers, zephyr squash, honey straws, and some odd pepper I don't remember the name of. They have a cute children's area with a children's garden and a hay area with things to trim the hay and they do a craft each Saturday morning. It was very cute. D&H loved it. Mostly David enjoyed wearing an old Gramma style hat. It was purple and he loved it.

4. Jack's little tooth is out! And now the drooling has begun.

5. David poured (I think) water all over the TV in their bedroom tonight and "it smell like fire!". Duh, you think? The sound was working but there was no picture. They freaked out. I'm glad, because I don't think they need a television in their room anyway. I certainly didn't mind. I read them nine books, sang three songs, and they went to sleep in about 8 minutes.

6. I want to eat everything sweet that I see!

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Briana said...

Poor David! Have you tried mixing the medicine in applesauce? That's where we used to put Amox. for Logan when he was little, it was pink but atleast he ate it!